A Guide to Choosing the Right Cat Water Fountain

Selecting the right water fountain is important for a cat owner. Some pets are rather choosy on the type of water bowl they wish to drink from.

Cats are particularly known to be afraid of the loud sound made by a water fountain. Usually, it takes some time for cats to familiarize themselves with a fountain. Below is a guide to choosing the right cat water fountain.


The first step involves researching pet fountains. Since they come in different sizes and shapes, it is advisable for the cat owner to search for which brand he or she is interested in. also, they are made using different materials such as ceramic, plastic or stainless steel.

Some best cat water fountains are made for larger cat breeds, and are much bigger in size when compared to regular ones. For those looking for a cat water fountain of good quality, stainless steel is recommended.

Fountains made of this material are more hygienic, more stylish and of better quality. However, whether the cat likes it is up to them.

Another useful tip when buying a cat water fountain is to read customer reviews. A cat owner can go through customer reviews found on websites such as ebay, Petco and Amazon. He or she should make a point to weigh the pros and cons of the fountain.

Also, it is crucial to put the overall function and quality of the product into consideration. No one would want to be stuck with a non-functional water fountain.

After checking customer reviews, the next step is to compare prices. It is always crucial to look for the best bargain for a water fountain purchase.

Once the pet owner has settled for the ideal water fountain for his or her cat, searching for the lowest price first is recommended. If the retailer allows someone to make an offer, the cat owner should take advantage of it.

This is because a person can never know the type of deal that he or she will score. When buying online, it is advisable to look for retailers that offer free shipping. If not on a tight budget, then it is okay.

If someone is looking for a great quality water fountain, they can be quite expensive. They prices range between $50 and $100.

Once someone has decided on the cat water fountain to buy, it is important to ensure that retailer does not have too many negative reviews.

The estimated shipping time should also be considered. No cat owner would want to wait for a month for the product to arrive.

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